...and there has Het Winkelraam a mission!

As a designer / entrepreneur of my Label Rosa Maseda Bags I know all too well that you often have to be a centipede, but unfortunately that is not always possible.
After the store was designed and decorated, I could start with the shop window.
After a long thought about my shop window, I knew it. I saw it exactly for me.
It is strange that I have postponed this to the very last, because the shop window is the most important of a store.

There are so many possibilities, and my window is in itself so beautiful! The beautiful old building in the "Kleine Overstraat" in the center of Deventer is a historic building and has a beautiful façade.Don't let the name "Kleine" Overstraat fool you.This street is great in the great offer that it special stores. For an overview of all stores, check out the following website:  Shopping in Deventer

That is why I am very happy that there was a building here with no less than 150 square meters where I have established my workshop and office and brand store.
I wanted a sleek display window as a contrast to the historic character of the building.
I wanted to give the bags full attention and not the attributes that are often used in displaying.

The idea of ​​the display figures was executed by Wendy van Het Winkelraam. The shop window relieves the shopkeeper, and provides the shop window and staging of the store in a professional manner. I need to keep focus on sales in the store. My customers are important to me, because they ensure the progress of my fire.

You can always call Wendy or send an e-mail. And then she will see what she can do for you.

Mobile: +31(0)636130281
E-mail: wendy@hetwinkelraam.com