Sturdy, robust, pure, timeless, honest and simple.



Looking for a sturdy leather bag? Found it! ROSA MASEDA designs and manufactures sturdy leather bags made of cow hash.



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Sturdy leather bags, short story

Designing sturdy leather bags, yeah! But how? ROSA MASEDA extracts inspiration from the material. She prefers to work with sturdy, rugged and fair leather. Leather with “a soul”. The uniqueness of the leather is the base of her designs. Inspired and guided by the leather, Rosa designs, and at the same time, preserves the uniqueness of the material. The designs of her sturdy leather bags are pure and simple as well as modern and timeless.

Each ROSA MASEDA product is handmade with passion and care by artisans. That's how Rosa creates sturdy leather bags with personality. Do you choose your leather bag? No, the leather bag chooses you!

Our collection

Leather bags are very populair, to buy and especially to give. What makes the leather bag so populair? Leather is a natural and strong material, that becomes finer through the years!